Our platform integrates live data feeds from multiple operators in a user-friendly platform to help cities monitor shared mobility services, including bikes, scooters, and vehicles. Log into a single dashboard to gain real-time insights on how many scooters, bikes, or vehicles are in operation. Monitor and provide incentives for zone-based equity goals.




Built by leading experts on measuring the impacts of emerging mobility services, cities use our platform to assess progress towards public goals. Measure the impacts of shared mobility services on public transit and transportation equity, in real-time and for long-range planning. Evaluate impacts on trip choice and vehicle ownership decisions.




Our user-friendly platform provides cities and transportation planners with access to new sources of data for transportation planning and policy. Our tools help cities effectively integrate emerging services such as Uber, carsharing, and micromobility into transportation plans. Harness new data to design new bicycle lanes, scooter parking, or Uber/Lyft pick-up and drop-off zones.


Populus is working with leading cities and mobility companies around the world to help them deliver safer, more sustainable streets. Sign up today to learn more about how you can access Populus Mobility Manager, featuring the following essential tools:

  • Compliance monitoring: analysis of vehicle trip and location data to monitor compliance with current policies.

  • Equity analysis: evaluate the accessibility and utilization of emerging mobility services by disadvantaged communities; measure and reward compliance with zone-based equity programs.

  • Transit impacts: determine whether new mobility services complement or compete with your existing transportation investments.

  • Parking validation: our platform offers the only comprehensive solution for validating curbside and zone-based parking for shared bikes, scooters, and cars.

Join one of our upcoming webinars to learn more about data-sharing best practices and how your city can harness our platform. Need to speak with someone within the next 1-2 days? You can also request a meeting with our team.


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