Populus Launches A New Platform To Help Cities Make Sense Of Shared Mobility Services And Their Data

San Francisco, Calif — Populus, a data platform startup led by MIT and UC Berkeley transportation PhDs, today announced the launch of Populus Mobility Manager, an advanced analytics platform that helps cities make sense of new data on emerging mobility services, such as dockless bikes and scooters that have arrived in cities across the globe. 

Building on their decades of experience developing software for federal and local public agencies to plan for the future of transportation, the Populus team combines user-friendly software solutions with a robust data platform designed by world-leading experts on shared mobility services and autonomous vehicles.

“Cities around the world are seeing an explosion of new private mobility services arriving on their streets and have very little information about how these new transportation solutions change travel decisions and patterns,” said Populus CEO and co-founder Regina Clewlow. “Populus helps the public sector make sense of these new services quickly and efficiently, so that cities can make data-driven transportation policy and planning decisions - now and into the future.”

Populus facilitates better collaboration between private mobility services, such as dockless bikes and scooters, ride-hailing, and carsharing, and cities to help deliver a transportation future that is designed for people. As new private mobility services continue to explode, Populus helps cities make sense of the best data available to prioritize public goals such as safety, equity, and efficiency.

Populus is currently working with several leading city departments of transportation, including the City of Seattle, the first in the U.S. to develop a dockless bike permit program, to provide insights into shared mobility service adoption and utilization. Their new product, Populus Mobility Manager was designed to help cities access and use shared mobility vehicle data for better transportation planning - whether from cars, bikes, or scooters.

Populus Mobility Manager currently integrates complex, live data feeds from all major dockless bike and scooter companies to help cities monitor real-time operations, measure the impacts of new mobility solutions on transportation equity and public transit utilization, and develop policies and strategies that integrate innovative services into the fabric of our cities.

Populus invites public agencies and private mobility companies to partner with them to work more seamlessly together to build a better transportation future through better data.

About Populus 

Populus helps cities and private mobility providers deliver safe, efficient, and equitable streets through better data and analytics. Founded by transportation PhDs from MIT and UC Berkeley who are leading experts on shared mobility and the future of transportation, the Populus team combines over 30 years of experience building software for cities and facilitating partnerships between the public sector and private mobility operators. Populus is headquartered in San Francisco, California.