Populus Introduces Advanced Tools for Cities to Plan New Scooter and Bike Lanes    

SAN FRANCISCO, Jul. 10, 2019, Calif — Populus, the industry-leading platform for cities to manage shared bikes, scooters, and cars, has launched Populus Routes to help urban planners identify and deliver safe bike and scooter lanes.

Speaking at the TechCrunch Sessions: Mobility conference in San Jose, Populus CEO & Co-Founder Regina Clewlow expanded on how data and technology can accelerate the adoption of micromobility solutions on a main stage panel. “The introduction of electric scooters and bikes has the potential to make our cities more sustainable and equitable, but only if we are able to safely prioritize them on our streets,” said Clewlow. “Cities have a newfound ability to access huge amounts of data from mobility operators for transportation planning. We help them securely and efficiently gain the insights they need to deliver more livable streets.” 

This new advanced tool is delivered through Populus Mobility Manager, a software solution that processes millions of trips from leading mobility operators around the world. Populus Routes aggregates spatial data from multiple bike and scooter companies to deliver valuable, anonymized route data and help cities design and expand bike and scooter lanes where they are most needed.

“Spin strongly believes that all people in cities deserve safe, livable and just streets, and that micromobility trip data can be a powerful argument for reclaiming streets for people,” said Beaudry Kock, Head of Policy Initiatives at Spin. “But for such data to be useful to cities, it needs to be easy to access and use. So we’re excited to see Populus make it easier for city planners to leverage data in their efforts to transform streets for the better.”

Through Populus Mobility Manager’s user-friendly interface, city planners can also view historical scooter parking data to quickly identify and communicate preferred and restricted parking areas to ensure pedestrian safety. Now in over 40 cities, Populus’ real-time mobility management tools help operators and cities ensure that bike and scooter programs are safe, equitable, and enable progress towards climate goals.

About Populus

Populus is a platform that helps cities and private mobility operators deliver safe, equitable, and efficient streets through better data and analytics. Trusted by leading cities and the world's largest mobility operators, the Populus data platform integrates data on shared services (carsharing, ride-hailing, bikeshare and scooters) for urban planners to manage and plan for the future of transportation.

Founded in 2017, the Populus team combines decades of experience delivering solutions for cities at Autodesk, Motivate, and the World Bank, and their data platform has rapidly expanded to cities around the world. Co-founded by PhDs in transportation and city planning from UC Berkeley and MIT who spent the past decade delivering unbiased research on shared mobility and travel forecasting methods, Populus builds an essential bridge for cities and private mobility operators to work seamlessly together for a better transportation future.