8/31/2018: Deadline for applicants to submit grant program questions in writing
10/19/2018: Deadline for final proposals
Winter 2018: Award decisions made



Populus invites researchers to submit proposals to access better data on the rapidly-evolving transportation landscape through the Populus Data Grant Program. Our data on the adoption and use of mobility services, including ride-hailing (i.e. Uber/ Lyft), bikeshare, electric scooter share, and on-demand delivery of goods is one of the most current and comprehensive datasets for understanding the adoption of and behavioral impacts of new transportation services. Developed with the intent of helping researchers, planners, and policymakers better understand how these services shape decisions, the Populus Data Grant Program is a unique opportunity for the transportation community to conduct innovative research on the future of mobility.

Developed by PhDs from MIT and UC Berkeley in transportation and urban planning, the Populus data platform was designed by transportation experts with more than 30 years of combined expertise in travel modeling and simulation. Our team has been at the forefront of developing advanced travel modeling tools for federal and local public agencies, including the San Francisco Bay Area.

Populus plans to select a handful of applicants through a competitive process to participate in the data grant program. Each participant will receive access to a defined set of data to answer the specific research question(s) they have proposed.



Populus will consider proposals from institutions of higher education and not-for-profit research organizations. Organizations that are not eligible for this data grant program are welcome to reach out to our team to learn more about other opportunities to harness our data.



8/31/2018: Deadline for applicants to submit grant program questions in writing
Rolling until 10/1/2018: Potential applicants should register to submit a proposal to access a FAQ
10/12/2018: Deadline for final proposals
Winter 2018: Award decisions made


Proposals not meeting the organizational and proposal requirements will not be evaluated.

1. Cover sheet containing:

  • Title of proposed research project

  • Name of institution

  • Name, email, and phone of principal investigator

  • Names and emails of co-investigators

2. Research abstract (300 words max)

3. Research project description, including:

  • Brief background/ summary

  • Research objectives

  • Methods/ approach

  • Data required from Populus for proposed work

  • Description of any additional data to be used by research team

  • General description of anticipated results

  • References

4. 2-page (max) curriculum vitae (CV) of the principal investigator, including list of publications (peer-reviewed preferred) that are most representative of his/her research relevant to the proposed research.

5. Optional: letters of support from outside entities (only recommended if proposed research requires collaboration with or access to data from outside entities).

Content Length: Excluding the cover page and CV, the main proposal content (i.e. sections 2-3) must be no more than three (3) pages, single-spaced, in 11- or 12-point font. Any letters of support from outside entities will not be counted against the page limit.

Applicants must submit proposals to Populus by 11:59pm ET on October 19, 2018 via email to, with "Data Grant Proposal" and your organization’s name in the subject line.



Submit the following form if you are planning to apply to the Populus Data Grant Program, and feel free to include any questions that you have. Our team will respond to eligible applicants who register their intent to potentially submit an application.