building partnerships between the public and private sector

harness DATA to shape the future of urban mobility

The current transportation revolution has the potential to reshape cities for the better if cities and private innovation can find ways of working seamlessly together. Our team of leading experts in urban data science, transportation planning, and shared mobility works with key public agencies and private transportation companies to transform how people move in cities.

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Built by industry leaders

Populus was founded by MIT and UC Berkeley PhDs who pioneered new methods to simulate the future of transportation in the era of shared mobility. In 2012, we built the modeling tools for the Bay Area regional transportation planning agency to predict the next 25 years of travel, and realized that cities had limited data on shared mobility services (carsharing, ridehailing, bikeshare, and scooters). We continued to develop software in partnership with public agencies, at companies acquired by Autodesk and Daimler. In 2017, we founded Populus with the aim of building a revolutionary new data platform that would help shared mobility operators and cities work more seamlessly together to deliver safe, equitable, and efficient streets.

The revolution to help redesign cities for people is here. Join us.